Dynamo Island, an Ireland-sized country in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is a modern state living in harmonious ecological balance with its environment. Its ethos is built round the notion of the human being as a dynamo managing and self-regulating energy in a way that draws on without harming the natural world. There are no cars in Dynamo, only bicycles along with an extensive tram and electric train network. Its unspoilt countryside and green cities give Dynamo a pastoral air, but the landscape is in fact hardwired with sophisticated communications systems that provide the amenities of 21st- century community living in the digital age.

History of Dynamo Island

The meeting of the mountains and the plains in the level foothills east of the Handlebar range was the site of particularly rich cultural development, with a major religious and ceremonial site, Marl Grange, at the meeting of the rivers Rafter and Crease in the region of Lower March and Hubcaster. Since there were no natives on the island prior to the Celts, the latter were able to develop and rich and homogeneous culture.

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Geography of Dynamo Island