The Dynamo Island Foundation

Dynamo Island is the result of a collaboration between four European eco-enthusiasts based in Ireland. Its aim is to explore ideas on ecological balance, social harmony, political transparency and environmental design. Specialists in website creation, graphic design, interactive video game theory and cultural studies, the team seeks to initiate a constructive dialogue with site visitors in which major issues of the 21st century culture and civilisation can be explored.

Foundation Members

David Scott — Writer and Cultural Historian

David Scott, is a semiologist based at Trinity College Dublin. His main fields of research are travel writing, poetry, art, graphic design and boxing. His creative writing includes a Utopian fiction (Dynamo Island, 2016), a set of short stories (Cut up on Copacabana,  2018) and a collection of poetry (Postcards from Sao Paulo).

Robin Fuller — Designer

Robin Fuller holds a PhD on the history and semiotics of sans-serif typefaces from Trinity College Dublin. He teaches Textual and Visual Studies at Trinity, and is a graphic designer.

Alex Bradley — Web Developer

Alex is a freelance designer working in a range of fields including front-end web design, motion-graphics, video production and graphic design.

Mads Haahr — Interactive Designer

Dr Mads Haahr is the course director for the MSc in Interactive Digital Media at Trinity College Dublin. He is the co-editor of Interactive Digital Narrative: History, Theory and Practice (Routledge, 2015). His research group is the Distributed Systems Group and he is a member of the IEEE, the ACM and the ICS.

Contributing Writers

Contributing writers include William Bainbridge (U. of Durham), Tim Jackson (U. of Surry), Tom Lee (UTS Sydney), George Monbiot of The Guardian.