Second city of Pugilia, Hadrianopolis is, like the province’s capital, Boxcaster, of great historical importance. As its name suggests, Hadrianopolis was founded by the 2nd-century Roman emperor who had sought shelter in the estuary of the river that Hadrian later named the Antinous when blown off course on a trip to Britannia. It was from the bridge-head of the camp established in this protected site that the Romans later began their campaign to invade the island as a whole. Situated on the west bank of the Antinous estuary, Hadrianopolis is the home of the National Naval Academy. It is also the site of the country’s main naval shipyards, established in the mid-nineteenth century to build iron-clad steamships on the model of those being developed in Britain. Its historic rivalry with Quinnport, in neighbouring Maurice Island, which is the home of the Dynamoan Merchant Marine, has traditionally been expressed in sporting competitions in rowing, sailing and, given Pugilia’s pugilistic tradition, shipboard boxing. As well as being an important industrial and administrative centre, Hadrianopolis is also a famous resort town, with sailing, snorkelling, scuba-diving and other water sports counting among its chief attractions.


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City of Hadrianopolis


Notable for:
National Naval Academy, Shipyards