Lower, Upper & Top March

Lower March, situated in the province of Sparta at the confluence of the Crease and the Rafter, is the centre of engineering (machine tools, factory robotics, electric motors) and is famous for its Dynamo Institute of Technology (DRIT). Upper March is famous for its ceramic and glass industries, using local clay and sand, while Top March specializes in high quality clockwork, camera and other optical equipment. ‘Wicket’ watches are prized throughout the country, while ‘Top March’ digital cameras are an important export. Significant dying and chemical industries are established at Lower March, using the abundant waters of the converging tributaries of the Crease and the local potash deposits. Hydroelectric stations towards the headwaters of these tributaries provide the energy to power not only the region’s industry but also the bulk of the country’s electric train system. The three Marches are known for their fierce rivalry in the sport of rugby: the winner of the annual championship (in which teams from Cliveden, Rugby, New Dublin and Philadelpho also compete) carries off the famous Rugby Pine trophy, a silver cup decorated with the provinces symbol, the cone of the rugby pine.

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Lower, Upper & Top March


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