Situated strategically on the southern coast of Maurice Island, the southern-most point of Dynamo, Quinnport’s position meant that it became an important naval centre, the home of the Dynamoan fleet, and an important docking and re-fueling station. It was also the home of the merchant marine, whose college complements that of the Dynamoan naval academy at Hadrianopolis. The port is also the starting point of a number of famous yacht races: the annual Round-Mauritius Cup, the Dynamo Circuit, and the biennial Quinnport to Southampton and Quinnport to Nantucket races. The maritime situation and outstanding natural beauty of Maurice Island means that Quinnport is an important holiday destination, in particular as a setting-off point for hikers and bird-watchers.


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City of Quinnport

Maurice Island

Notable for:
Round-Mauritius Cup Boat Race, the Dynamo Circuit Boat Race