Rugby is the capital of Sparta, the largest province of Dynamo Island and the most intensively industrialised. The region between Rugby, on the River Pitch, and Top March, Upper March and Lower March on the River Wicket, is the most densely populated part of the country with a wide range of manufacturing and processing industries. The existence of large iron ore deposits, and some coal, in the limestone escarpments and of lead, zinc, copper and gold in the Handlebar Mountains, led from the late 18th century to an important metallurgical industry, one that with modernisation and refinement has continued to thrive until today. Rugby’s city centre is still an attractive jumble of late 18th– and early 19th-century metal workshops, many of which are still active, and is criss-crossed by an old narrow-gauge railway that continues to provide essential transport for raw materials and finished products between the various workshops and depots of the city. Rugby from the beginning of the railway age in the early 19th century became the country’s leading producer of steel rails, bridging, cranes and dockland winches.


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