Bounded in the northwest by the River Rafter and the south-east by the Antinous, the Province of Olympia consists in the eastern half of a broad limestone plains and in the west and south of the Handlebar mountains. Its rich, mixed deciduous and pine forests provide an abundance of timber that provides raw material for the paper and construction industries of Oarhouse, capital of Spokane, at the confluence of the Oar and the Rafter. The Handlebar Mountains are also rich in gold, silver and other valuable metals, leading to an important specialised industries in Odessa, the capital city, including precision engineering and jewelry. Odessa, is situated at the edge of a beautiful lake, in a natural arena at the foot of the Handlebar range. The city is also the site of a number of spas which were developed from Roman times on the basis of mineral springs that rose from the foothills of the Handlebar mountains.

The province’s eastern plains are not only important for arable agriculture (wheat, barley, sugar-beat, potatoes) but also as a military training ground: a large area west of Boxcaster at Infantry Plain is designated for army training while the main air-force training base in the country is sited at Skybourne just south of Lower March. The Dynamoan airforce is primarily defensive in its role, with squadrons of interceptor aircraft stationed at strategic points in the country, the main base being near Boxcaster. There are also shipboard fighters flown by the Dynamoan Navy, whose operations are coordinated with other NATO forces. For ecological reasons, Dynamo has kept internal flying to a minimum, though the international airports at Veloxeter and Hubcaster are always busy and constitute the home bases of the national airline, Aero Dynamo.


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Province of Olympia

Mining, Forestry,

Notable Places:
Handlebar Mountains