Forming a more or less equilateral triangle marked by the River Wicket to the north and the Rafter to the south, Spokane is Dynamo’s most mountainous province, boasting the country’s highest peak, Mount David, that rises to over 5000 feet. The western wall of the Handlebar Mountains is so impenetrable that the main east-west railway line from Lower March to Gary Head, on Dynamo’s western coast, has at its western extremity to burrow through a long tunnel. Before the railway was built, traffic had to cross the mountain peaks by the Connor Pass, 50 km upstream from Rory Gap in the Crease valley, a route that in bad winters was often closed by snow. The upper tributaries of the Crease cut deep valleys into the mountains which, in winter, become popular skiing resorts, with Rory Gap becoming the country’s centre for winter sports. Toboggan courses there are among the most hair-raising in the world. The pure waters, pellucid mountain air and lush pastures of the lower slopes of the Handlebars, make this area in the summer, like the European Alps, a favourite place for hiking and rambling, activities much promoted among all ages in Dynamo, providing an accessible outlet to the populous industrial towns of neighbouring Sparta. The coastal towns situated on Spokane’s western seaboard – St Sebastian and Gary Head (like Cliveden, further north in Sparta), are major fishing ports with many canning and fish-processing factories. The coasts are famous for their shellfish and their many excellent seafood restaurants. Fresh oysters and mussels as well as fish are sent daily by rail eastwards via Hubcaster to Veloxeter, the capital, 450km away.

The province’s capital, Oarhouse, is a major industrial town, specialising in electric locomotives and boat-building. Surrounded by rich pine and deciduous forests, it is also the centre of the country’s paper-milling and furniture industries, with an important college of industrial design. It is also a pioneer in the re-cycling industry, managing to maintain an 80% re-use rate of discarded materials.

The ban on plastic throughout Dynamo, except for medical and electrical purposes, massively facilitates the re-cycling process since the glass/metal, organic, and paper/cardboard categories of waste are relatively easily submitted to re-processing. Several experimental villages have recently been constructed in Spokane almost entirely based on re-cycled material, and powered by solar and water sources. The wooden hut style of chalet, with its traditional painted and carved decorations, has been maintained in Spokane (outside of Oarhouse), while the larger settlements and farmhouses continue to combine stone for the basements and cattle-sheds and wood for the habitable parts of the buildings. The region is also famous for its dairy products – in particular goats’ cheeses and yoghourts – and its chocolate, the beans for which are imported from south America via St Sebastian and Gary. The most famous brand is Periwinkle, whose bright blue logo is also the badge of the province.


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Province of Spokane


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