Upstream from the capital city, Veloxeter, the River Crease meanders slowly through the water meadows and pastures of the provinces of Velox and Campana. Many barges ply up and down the river transporting grain, timber, wool and stone. The old 18th-century tow-paths and sluices are still preserved in the middle reaches of the river, making it possible to walk along most of the Crease between March and Hubcaster. A fast cycleway snakes along the southern side of the river while the northern bank is followed by the main electric train line. The river is a popular for rowing, the annual Campana versus Velox race towards the lower reaches of the Crease as it enters Veloxeter being the Dynamoan equivalent of the Oxford versus Cambridge race on the Thames in London.

The River Crease marks the boundary between the two provinces, separating the lake-lands of Velox to the north from the drier arable fields of Campana to the south. The Willow Lakes are enjoyed not only for their unspoilt natural beauty, their plentiful fish and wildfowl, but also as a place for water sport. It is a common sight therefore to see yachts apparently sailing across the countryside, as the shallow broads and river bends of the Willow Lakes and tributaries of the Crease provide waterways through the fen and carr that characterise the region. The abundant reeds harvested give rise to a thatch industry that still thrives as the old vernacular style of building and roofing persists into the 21st century.

Velox is also home to the Dynamoan cricket, with the country’s most famous club (the March Cricket Club or MCC) established at March, the regional capital. The approach to March is particularly spectacular as its medieval cathedral, built on an island on a broad bend in the river, appears to row with its flying buttresses towards approaching craft. The willow trees that line the river banks (they are symbol of the province) and lakeshore provide the wood for cricket bats while the leather used in the manufacture of cricket balls comes from the cattle-rearing plains of Campana, south of the river. March is also a major railway junction on the main West-East line connecting Veloxeter to Hubcaster and the upland towns of Upper March, Top March, Oarhouse and Rugby. The name ‘March’ derives from the ‘Marches’ that punctuated the Roman armies’ 3rd-century progress up the River Crease from Veloxeter.


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